Friday, January 4, 2013

New year...

This past year has come to a close. The turning of a new page, a new chapter, a new year. What did you do in 2012 that made an impact on your life? Did you close one door and open another? Did you meet your goals or work on something that you set your sights on in the beginning of the year? I hope you enjoyed your year and the journey you took.

I learned a lot, and I mean a lot. There are so many things that I can write down in regards to the knowledge that I gained. It includes things about myself, what I am doing in my life, where am I heading and how am I going to take steps to get there. I also learned a great deal about training, working out, coaching and how to include other things in my life. 

As this new year is just starting, I am gazing at my goals and my life in front of me and what I want to focus on. I want to put a plan into action and keep my drive and determination aimed at my plan. My plan will include all facets of my life: my boyfriend, family, friends, training, education, coaching and enjoying every step of the way. There may be some downs and ups, but keeping level headed and going with the flow is important. 

I am very grateful for the life that I have and all of the amazing people in my life. Be thankful and grateful for those special people in your life. Make goals for yourself and work hard for all that you have in life.


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