Thursday, January 24, 2013


When I think of a team, I think of people working together for a goal. Blending the ways of different individuals into one so you are able to make that goal or goals.

Right now I am thinking of the team that Alex and I have created. I think of the things that we do for one another; we help each other out. We don't do it because we think, oh he/she will do something for me later. No, we help each other out because we want to, we chose to. When he's working, I will make some food or pick some food up for him for the night. I will get him some coffee or help with anything else he needs so he can make the most of his time when he's working multiple days in a row. He will do the same for me when I work late one night and have to get up early the next morning. 

I am very blessed to have such an amazing and incredible man by my side. I am very grateful for all he has done and am very happy with our team that we have created. 

Alex has also helped me in many ways with training and programming. He has helped me grow in many ways, both physically and mentally. He has so much knowledge about numerous things, it amazes me and inspires me to learn more as an athlete and coach. I love our days in the gym where we train and help one another with our lifts, we are each others eyes from the outside, to help with positive feedback on what we are doing or not doing or what we need to work on. We push each other and encourage one another on workouts. I help with stretching and mobility too.  :)  We will send each one another texts, emails, posts throughout the day or night to share articles, thoughts or to say hello.

When we are not in the gym, we are enjoying time together, going to a movie, cooking, hanging out with friends, going to Lowe's together. We are creating our own little adventures and experiencing things together. 

Communication is a big part for any team and I feel that Alex and I have that. We work together towards our goal, being his girlfriend, him being my boyfriend, life partners/companions, best friends, everything. When you find this special bond, you cherish it. Friendships, relationships with family work the same way, communication goes both ways. If you are working towards keeping that friendship or relationship with family, reach out to them, call, text, email or write a letter! Writing a letter seems like a lost art; to take the time to sit down and write a friend or family member a letter is special, it's not something that happens that often any more. 

There are many different types of teams, so for the team that you are working towards, communicate with the other person, reach out and find that goal or goals that you both or all are working towards. 

Thank you to Alex for being my team mate, best friend, my everything. For those who have their everything, cherish and enjoy each moment with them. For those searching, that person will come when you are ready or when you least expect it. Life unfolds in many ways.


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