Thursday, January 10, 2013

My journey continued...

To follow my post earlier today, I want to focus a little more on my training and the path that I am on. Alex and I have talked about our plan and what we want to improve; a lot of it has been focused on gymnastics and working on increasing capacity.

On Wednesday, Alex had written in four mile repeats with a 1:1 rest ratio with a goal pace was 6:50 for each of the runs. I made sure to mobilize and get in a dynamic warmup then started my runs. It was a brisk day outside, but I love to run outdoors. To feel the wind brush against my cheeks as I move across the running path is refreshing. I think of the end goal while I place one foot in front of the other, focusing on where I want to be in May. I enjoy the work that I am doing now, the training I am focusing on as it is just as important as the goal I am working towards.

As I came in from the first run, I hit a 6:58 time. I felt that I paced it a little too slow, so I picked it up just a little on the second run and hit a 6:45 time. On the third run I came in at 6:45 again. I was happy to be consistent with my times. As I was resting after my third run, Alex came to the gym and we talked a little bit about the runs and how I was feeling. He asked me to try and run the last mile at a 6:40 pace. So I started the run a little faster, kept a steady pace for the most part and on the last 200 meters, I turned it on to finish with a 6:32 pace.

It took me a little by surprise because I ran this mile four seconds slower than my max effort mile (6:28) that I ran a couple of months ago. I was happy with my mile runs and felt good about the work I had put in. I finished up my training with some accessory work and closed the day out.

Today, Alex had programmed a max power clean, tabata pull ups, and reverse ladder workout with accessory work. I warmed up and started lifting, feeling good with the warm up sets. I tend to nitpick my lifts and see what I can do better on each lift; I want to do better and hit each lift with great form and technique. Alex encouraged me and supported me on each lift; which I love because it motivates me more to lift more and keep improving.

I ended up hitting 178 for a power clean and felt good about it. I hit 180 but I hit it a little below parallel, so not yet a power clean, but hopefully soon :)

Until the next training session...


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