Monday, November 19, 2012

Reaching out

There are many thoughts that cross my mind on a daily basis. One of them that has been consistent through out the days, months and years is being able to reach out and help others.

I have always had an inspiration to write and share my thoughts, most typically it occurs with my journal or in my mind, but as I sit down and put my thoughts on paper or the computer, I feel as though I have put it off long enough. I have wanted to create a blog and share my thoughts and feelings about life. I am now doing it, finally, a huge thanks to my boyfriend Alex, my life coach Katie and my friend Megan M. and all those that have encouraged me.

For those that know me, I love health, fitness, wellness and anything related to it, I truly enjoy it. This blog will not only be about that, but also life experiences, what we may go through that will teach us, make us grow and see things in a new light.

To delve right in and say why I have this want or desire to help other individuals is a deep question. I have always wanted to help others and be able to assist them in reaching their goals since I was a little girl. As time has passed, this desire has grown stronger and has developed more meaning. There has been a lot of support from Alex, family and friends to do what I love and when I think of helping others, a family member pops in my head.

A long story short, when I was growing up, it was my parents, myself, my middle sister Kerstin and my youngest sister Remy. Yes, we fought when we were little over little stuff, but we also had tons of fun playing with our dolls, then our legos and then playing in the sprinklers at my grandparents house. As the years passed on, we all got closer, laughed and had fun memories together. There were ups and downs for sure, but that's life, everyone has them, you have to be able to make the most of what you have.

In 2008, Kerstin passed away in a car accident. This was devastating and was very hard to wrap your mind around at the time. She was a young, passionate woman with such zest for life, working hard to make her dreams come true and truly enjoying every moment in life. It makes me smile when I think of her because one of our last adventures together was snowboarding in Montana. We went out all day and when we came home, I was exhausted and ready for bed, but she got cleaned up and dressed up to go out for the night. She truly made the most of life and every opportunity that came her way.

There is one dream that I never forget. Flying home on the redeye, I was in a high rise in Waikiki and I saw her on the balcony. Sun shining through the clouds, her hair blowing everywhere from the cool ocean breeze, I rushed to the sliding glass doors and opened them, so surprised to see her. She said, "I can't come in, but I'm ok." Then I woke up. The dream lasted less than two minutes, but I think it was her way of letting me know that she would be alright.

This has definitely been one of the hardest experiences in my life, but it has also taught me something and has inspired some of my passions. It has taught me to really enjoy everything that comes your way and to never take things for granted. To be appreciative of those special ones in your life and to enjoy everything that you do, whether it is to celebrate a friends birthday, go out and travel the world or read a book inside on a rainy day.

My passion to helps others has become heightened with this experience. I wish I could have helped my sister in some way, whether it was to be there for her so she could talk to me or to give her advice on things that I had gone through, that maybe in turn would help her with future situations.

I know this is a very personal first post, sitting here with emotions running high, but I want to share my thoughts and feelings about life and about following your passions. My passions are to help others and bring encouragement and motivation and show them that they can attain their goal. My other passion is to write. To be able to share thoughts, experiences and lessons that I have learned, so that in turn, maybe someone can learn from what I write about.

I want to be an advocate for positive change; I want to inspire myself and those around me. Keep a positive attitude and surround yourself with those that make you feel good. Make the most of every moment you have and cherish those around you.


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