Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It's been a few days since my last post, so I wanted to sit down and share some thoughts. I wish I could write everyday, and I may actually get there, but until then I will make the most of every post...

Right now I am sitting in my new room, relaxing into a soft and plush chair, listening to the sound of my fingers tape the keyboard with the slight humming of the mini fridge in the background. For those that know me, I am trying to mobilize as well - rolling a ball on the bottom of my foot. :)

I want to share my thoughts on 'being'. I have talked to my life coach about this a handful of times, in regards to just 'being' verses 'doing'. I feel as though we, humans, go through life doing one thing after another. We complete one project and then we have another project already lined up and we do not enjoy the journey nor the finished product at the end; we just rush to another task.

I catch myself in this position a lot; working on one thing and then thinking about the next thing on my 'to-do' list. Then I look back and realize that I didn't even appreciate all the hard work I put into that first project. This relates to all aspects of life; workouts/training, hobbies, personal possessions, travel, etc. If you are on a trip to Spain, focus on that trip and don't worry about where you will go next. If you like to build miniatures for a hobby, enjoy one piece at a time. If you hit a new personal record (PR) on your front squat, see that accomplishment, smile and enjoy it and don't let the next number consume your mind.

It is great to be striving for more, challenging yourself to see what you can accomplish. At the same time, how often do we just sit and 'be'? I am working on just 'being', sitting in a chair and staring at the sky; laying in bed and relaxing my mind and body to just enjoy the time to unwind from a long day. It  definitely is a work in progress, but practicing a little bit each day helps. Just some thoughts that were on my mind.

Try to practice being in the present moment and enjoy the journey.