Monday, July 14, 2014

Moment in time...

In a dream, you can feel the wind across your skin. You can feel the warm breeze slowly brush over your body, sending a chill down your spine. As you lay down, you connect with the damp grass, feeling the coolness on your back. Gazing into the sky, the rays of sun shine bring warmth to your face. Smiling, feeling happy for this moment in time, you close your eyes and take a minute to appreciate it. 

As you take a deep inhale, filling every part of your lungs with air, you slowly open your eyes. Adjusting to the light, you gaze up looking at the bright white clouds that ever so gently pass over you. Focusing in more, you see the details of each cloud, the contrast against the vibrant blue sky. The clouds appear so close to you that you extend your arm, reaching for the sky, tracing the outline of a cloud with your fingertip. 

As you bring your hand back down, you intertwine your fingers and place your hands behind the back of the head. Exhaling, you close your eyes again and sink deeper into the grass underneath you. Letting go of any thoughts that enter your mind, you feel as though you are in a state of bliss, enjoying this moment in time. 

~ MCA  

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