Wednesday, August 6, 2014

As the dust settles...

It's been a little over a week now since the 2014 CrossFit Games has come to an end. It feels as though a lot more time has passed by though. The not so distant memory brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart as I reflect back to my experience at the Games.

As I close my eyes, I see the Manhattan Beach Marriott through my windshield as Alex and I drive up to the front lobby entrance. I feel the excitement run through my body and a huge grin comes across my face. I can feel my eyes widening with joy, like a child who sees a playground, ready to run around and play.  "We made it!" I say in a high pitch voice, as we pulled up and parked the car.

Opening my eyes, I smile, as it was the beginning of a great week that was to unfold. All the preparation that we had done leading up to the Games was finished and we were ready to enjoy the week of competition that was ahead of us. One of my goals was to appreciate every moment I had while I was down in Carson, California. Whether that was meeting new friends, catching up with old friends or taking a moment to look around the stadium while I was in the arena, I wanted to be able to look back and say that I savored each day and didn't have any regrets.

As I think back to each workout each day, I remember the feelings and thoughts going through my head. I remember being present in each moment to really soak up everything around me.

I think back to Wednesday, the first day of the Games, standing on Hermosa Beach gazing out into the Pacific Ocean, focusing on the waves and how they came crashing down on the sand. I felt the warmth beneath the soles of my feet, as I jogged across the soft sand. The cool, refreshing salt water splashed up against my skin as I ran into the ocean. I recall the taste of the salt water as I tried to swim out to the buoy, focusing on my breath as I slowly got closer to the turnaround point.

There were so many vivid memories and I am glad that I took the time to really soak up each moment, to feel the environment around me and be present. When I was on the soccer field or in the tennis stadium, I always looked up into the stands and waved to friends, family and everyone in the crowd. Seeing the people cheer on the athletes brought a feeling of joy and happiness to me. I was thankful for their support and wanted to recognize  them for all that they did and that their love does not go unnoticed.

To be in that stadium again a second year in a row, competing with other athletes from around the world was an amazing experience and I am very grateful for it. I enjoyed my time at the Games and will continue to make the most of all the opportunities that come my way.

Even though the dust has settled, there are a lot of things upcoming in my life and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences. There is more work to be done and more to be explored in life. Here is to the road ahead...


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