Sunday, May 5, 2013

Purpose of life...

Some times you need to have fun. Be silly. Be adventurous. Enjoy the life you have.
Savor the food you eat, taste the flavors and enjoy each bite.
Look outside, watch the leaves flicker in the wind. Watch the sunset. See how the clouds change.

When you are happy, smile and feel those emotions in every part of your body. Feel your eyes light up,  feel the warmth in your cheeks from your laughter.

When you are sad, sit with those emotions. Feel your tears gently roll down your cheeks. Let your heart   ache for the feelings that are passing through your body.

What does it take for you to realize that life is short? What experiences do you go through to realize that   you should live your life to its fullest? Do you treat others as you would like to be treated? Are you respectful of others? Are you aware of the things you do and don't do?

Be appreciative of your family, friends, loved ones. Be thankful for all the people in your life. Be grateful for the food on your table, the roof over your head, the clothes in the closet. For all the little things that we get caught up on, let it go, take a breath and know that it will be ok.

What's the purpose of life? To live life! So very simple but we think there has to be an elaborate answer. Feel each emotion that passes through us, feel it 100%. For every experience that we go through, enjoy the journey. For all the people that come into our life, be respectful of them.

When we are older and look back on our lives, we should say that we truly enjoyed life, our journey and all that we experienced.


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