Sunday, May 5, 2013


Found this photo while going through my photo booth on my computer. Words that come to mind: bliss, ease, happy, relaxed, enjoyment and many more.

I'm blessed to have found a man that I can have so much fun with. We have our silly moments, our serious conversations, deep and meaning talks and then our adventures. He's my best friend and everything wrapped into one. I'm so lucky to have Alex as my man, as my partner and other half. Te amo Alex.

To all those who have found their other halves, enjoy your time with one another, tell each other how much you mean to them. Don't be afraid to show it or tell them. If there are people that tease you for that, then they are missing something in their life for sure.

To all those who haven't found their other half, or are still looking... it will happen. It will unfold when you expect it least. Still make the most of life and enjoy all that you have.


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