Friday, February 15, 2013

What are you doing?

There are some days where you ponder what you are doing. Are you doing what you truly want to do? If not, why not?

Then there are days where you are on top of the world, you are climbing the highest mountain peaks, soaring through the sky, reaching your dreams.

There are ups and downs. The ups can be euphoric and amazing, bliss-like in a way. The downs can be grueling, excruciating and so very emotional. But when you take a step back, you think, this is a part of life; life has these ups and downs for me and for everyone else.

Some people go through more than others, they have to endure more and go through more to get to their goals, but that is what makes it worth it in the end. The goal that I am working towards is worth it. The days in the gym, the long hours are worth it. Every minute and hour. The more I think of it, the more I want it.

Some may say it's a lonely life, it's isolating because you are in the gym with only the weights, barbells, music in the background. But it's not, it feels good to be in the gym, working hard to make your goal. This is me; each person may differ, as everyone has a different goal.

My support has been my Alex, my family - Jane, Roberto, Remy and all of my family and friends from Diablo, the people I have met in the CrossFit community and from home. They are all part of my life; they contribute to a part of what I do; they support me and my goal. Yes I do the work, I am the one doing the lifts, the met cons, the accessory, but to have those close to me believe in me... it means a lot.

My dad wrote me the other day, short email but so very impactful... "Never lose your attitude... you can change the world with it...". This brought tears to my eyes, made my emotions fly high. It made me think of times when I get caught up on things that may not matter, on situations where my energy gets drained. I think, is it worth it to worry about something that is not helping me? To put energy in a thought that pulls away from positive thinking? No, it's not worth it, but your mind can run wild.

I close with some words from LMFAO, their song 'Yes', the lyrics say "Every day I see my dream, every every day I see my dream..."

You need to see your dream, you need to focus on it and the people that make believe in you and support you. Work hard, put your blood, sweat and tears into all you do and make it all worth it.


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