Friday, February 15, 2013


I started this post a week ago but didn't have time to finish it but I wanted to share the first part of my writings...

There are days where you think about your 'self'. Your being, your spirit, who you are, what you emulate. What is life about, what do you do that defines your 'self'?

Driving to work this afternoon (last Friday) I was getting a little irritated by the traffic. Trying to get to the gym on time or a little bit before so I am prepared and ready. I stopped for a minute and caught myself getting upset at something I have no control over. The traffic, the way people drive, the stop lights, etc. I took a breath and looked up at the sky, saw the amazing contrast of the bright sun rays, the combination of the white, off white and grey clouds, the green hills underneath, magnifying the contrast of colors against the blue sky.

After a week has passed, this made me think down a little different path: what are we doing in life? What am I doing? Am I reaching out to others the way I wanted to? Am I helping others in a positive way? Am I making a positive impact to those in my life? Am I authentic?

I hope to be able to bring knowledge and belief to those I am in contact with. To the people in my life, I hope I am able to bring happiness and joy and some positive influence.

When you say you are going to live life, you should live it. You should do the things that make you happy and follow your passion and dreams. When you are with your family, friends or your special someone, be with them, be in the moment, share that experience together.

I think of a quote/conversation in a movie where the female character is saying/asking the male character that if they said they were going  to share their lives together, why didn't they share their lives? It's something that makes you think, you should be sharing your life with your significant other, your friends, your family. Share the things that go on in your life, the big and small things, they are all important and the person on the other side is interested.

That is, if you want to; you could go threw life keeping things to yourself, not opening up or sharing. But what kind of life is that? Not to look at the negative or down side to it, but it can get lonely and isolating. Unless there is a reason you don't want to share your life and things that you are doing. :( If you start to not share things; then there is less and less conversation between the people. You start to lose connection to those in your life, then you are in a different place.

This can go on and on, but don't let it. Make a choice to live life, to share the big and small things in life. Talk, have conversations, open up to those in your life, they would like to hear what is going on. Life is so precious and when you look back, you want to see that you lived your life to the fullest and enjoyed everything with the special people in your life.

I have learned over the years to open up,  share and 'feel' more. I want to continue to do this and be more authentic with those in my life. To have true friendships and relationships in life; to share what goes on in my life. I would like the same from the people in my life. I want authentic and true people in my life that respect me, my goals, passions and my loved ones. Be respectful of those in your life. Honor and cherish what you have, life can change in an instance.


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