Monday, February 4, 2013

Muscle ups...

Muscle ups. It's one of the more advanced movements in CrossFit. For some, it is one of the most challenging movements, for others it is a smooth movement that can be executed very eloquently. For gymnasts, it's what they do to start their routine on the rings, how they get up onto the rings.

Muscle ups have been one of the harder movements for me in with my training. Last year at the 2012 CrossFit Regionals, the final workout had 7 deadlifts, 7 muscle ups for three rounds as the first part of the workout. For those that were there, I gave it my everything for those muscle ups, I tried over and over to get on top of those rings... and I did, I got on top of those rings, but was not able to press out. I couldn't lock out my arms after three days of competition. I had hit failure, but I didn't give up.

I continued to pour all my energy and effort into those rings and I spent the entire workout trying to complete those 7 muscle ups and get back to the deadlifts. 17 minutes... 17 minutes of 'keep trying, I'm going to try'. It was really hard, very emotional, giving it my all but not able to get those reps. Looking to my right, seeing Alex cheer me on, encouraging me; looking up in the stands, seeing my friends, family and loved ones cheer me one. Everyone yelling, supporting me, not giving up on me.

It was an amazing experience, to be out there, giving it my all, holding back my tears, gripping the rings to try it again. That image in burned in my head, just like the 1st open workout in 2011 with double unders; I can describe it perfectly and can see that image in my head.

Fast forward to a few months ago, Alex and I have worked hard to improve my muscle ups and become better, more efficient, stronger with this movement. He had programmed a workout from the OC Throwdown, the 20 min amrap with muscle ups, overhead squats and toes to bar. I struggled with the first round, got through it but then hit a wall. It was a very hard and sturdy wall, filled with bricks and cement. I did not move on; I couldn't get through those muscle ups.

That was a day of mental toughness because I think it brought me back to that day where I stared at the rings at regionals. It was a little bit of a beat down, but I let it out, wiped the tears away and went about finishing my training for that day.

Now, as I turn the page to today, Alex programmed half of this workout, 10 min amrap of 3 muscle ups, 6 overhead squats and 9 toes to bar. I was a little nervous to do this workout, but at the same time, felt confident to try it again and see how I do.

I got ready for the workout and Christy joined me. It was nice to do the workout with another friend, just like the first time doing it with Len and Stav. I stuck to my plan, doing the muscle ups as singles and keeping the overhead squats unbroken. The toes to bar were 5/4 for the most part. I felt good with the turn out: my final score was 5 rounds plus 6 overhead squats; definitely better than last time lol.

I look back at these two different days, the workout the same, but more time has been put into getting more shoulder strength and stamina. It has paid off, it hasn't been easy, but it's all been worth it. To see the progress and slow progression forward is nice. Not every day is a PR day, but there are days that you make a stride forward and it is to be recognized, appreciated and noted. See the greatness in it, no matter what it is, and then back to the grind.

Thank you Alex for your love, time, attention and care, it means so much to me! Thank you to all those who have cheered me on and support me, you all are amazing and am very thankful for you all! Focus on your goal and work hard for it. You are the one doing the work, make it happen.


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