Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I think continuing education is great. I love to read, study and learn more for my profession. To expand my knowledge and seek new information is amazing. I am so intrigued to learn more and see what other information is out there.

This past weekend Alex and I traveled to Seattle to attend a USAW certification. We flew up on Friday and stayed until Monday, making a mini vacation out of it. It was a great trip, I truly enjoy taking trips with Alex,and we always have a lot of fun, create new memories and make an adventure out of it.

The certification lasted two days, Saturday and Sunday, starting at 8:00am each day. Early mornings on the weekends, but it’s usually the same when we are training. The USAW coaches, Mike and Donna, were both very informative and offered a great amount of help We were both looking forward to this seminar to learn more about the Olympic lifts and assistance exercises. Some information was the same but there were some helpful cues that were beneficial to both of us.

We met a variety of people there, both beginners and advanced individuals, which was good exposure being able to work with different type of athletes. The reason for this is because as a coach, I have the opportunity to work with athletes that are just starting out and for those who have been lifting for years. I get to learn from all of these athletes. Some coaching cues work for some athletes; some people may need more of a tactile cue verses a verbal cue. Having the ability to use both coaching styles is important.

For those reading this, yes, you are an athlete. You put your time and effort into a sport that you love and enjoy. There are some individuals that spend more time and put more into it, but that is what they choose to do. Every person is different and I honor everyone’s dedication to his or her passion. Whether it’s two days a week for an hour each or five days a week for three hours each, to have such an interest in a sport or activity that you make it a reality day in and day out, is amazing and it is something to recognize. So go and be an athlete and be proud of what you do. 

Back to the education piece. I think it's important to invest time and energy into furthering your education. Whether it's going back to school, taking a certication, or reading an article that is relative to what you find important in life. If you want to take cooking classes, get your masters or buy a book at a bookstore that will assist you, do it. Don't be afraid to do what you love; find that passion that lights up your body, mind and soul and follow it.

This is what I'm doing. I'm in the process of constantly learning and adding to my education. I want to go back to school and get my masters. I want to study and become a better coach and futher myself. A huge part that has helped me has been Alex's drive to go back to school. He is so knowledgeable and smart that it inspires me to read and learn more; to follow my passion and write, blog and share my experience with others. He is always sharing so much information, from articles to research papers, to videos with an empowering message. There is a podcast that I put on my facebook page from Joe Rogan's website that Alex had watched; it is simply amazing to say the least. I encourage all to watch it. 

To take an interest in furthering yourself is huge. It is a valuable piece and I hope that everyone has the desire to keep learning. Take a step to learn more, read a book or article. Go back to school; do what you need to do to seek more information. It is a constant process that will take time. It won't happen over night, but know that you are putting in the work and it will all pay off in the long run. You are investing in yourself. Every dollar you spend, each hour you study, it is all worth it. Enjoy this journey, focus on the positive and be present every step of the way.  


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