Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My thoughts were reflecting on my birthday last week and it made me think of how people perceive their birthday and just the process of getting older and growing up.

I wanted to share some cards that were given to me on my birthday... from Alex, my mom, my grandma, roommates, family and friends...

I was surprised with all the birthday wishes that I received, the cards, messages, flowers, cake, wine and posts on Facebook, I was very appreciative of it all. Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday, I really appreciate it!

I think the concept of birthdays are neat, you get to celebrate your birth into this world and enjoy the day as you wish. I hear some people complain that they are getting older or that it's just another day. Yes, I agree, you are getting older and it is just another day, but why take a sour attitude to it? Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean you finally do what you have been wanting to do for weeks or months. You should take a hold of each day that you have and do what you want. You may not be able to complete everything that you want to do, but if you accomplish one that you have been itching to do, then that makes it a successful day, right? 

For example, I didn't want to do much for my birthday, one, because I usually make more plans than I should for a day and I usually end up running around verses enjoying my day. Two, I always say that I want to relax and enjoy the evening, then I end up cooking for two hours or going through papers that have accumulated on my side table haha. So, when Alex and I grabbed some food and just relaxed and watched TV, it was very refreshing. 

The other thought is that you are getting older. Well, pardon my french, but no shit. Every year, you and everyone else around you is going to get older. I am assuming that we all know this, yet I still hear or see people complain or whine about how they are getting older and things aren't like they used to be (whatever they may be referencing).

Approach it with a positive attitude or as positive as you can. I actually look forward to the year that comes up. I definitely enjoy each year and yeah I am 28 years old, but I try to make the most of each year and I look forward to what is ahead. Our bodies and minds may change but make a change for the better. I can guarantee that I am healthier and stronger now than when I was 22. I live an active lifestyle and eat healthy/clean for my lifestyle. 

Each person is different, but make a choice to enjoy each year and do what you can to enhance your life. Read a book, learn a language, celebrate each day with your loved ones. When you look back at your life, you want to smile and know that you enjoyed your life and didn't wait for one special day to make the most of it. Celebrate each year with a smile :)



  1. You are so wonderful Margaux! I really enjoy and appreciate how thoughtful you are and your appreciation for the subtle beauty and meaning you find in our world. Glad your birthday was bright. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and client to me!

    1. Thank you so much Lonelle, I really appreciate your words! I try to be aware of my surrounds and all that we are blessed with. People sometimes skip over little things, but it is those small things that make a huge difference over time. Thank you for being my friend!